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Volume 2:
Cantos a Ogun



Book with 3 CDs
Volume 2: Cantos a Ogun
Released by Luca Brandoli.
3 CDs with book of transcriptions.

Second volume in this series, this one for Ogun : 3 CDs plus a 60 page spiral-bound book of phonetically transcribed songs. 50 songs are included, some with multiple versions, on 154 CD tracks! Everything in this package is top notch, great sound quality, beautiful vocals and drumming and easy to use book with index pages and informational materials to accomany the songs on the CDs and in the book.

The objective of this book and of a series of volumes to follow is to present Afro-Cuban songs for those interested in learning them in their rich variety, and in their different manifestations in the folkloric life or tradition of Cuba today. These volumes will present the songs within their proper context and with the appropriate clave, melody and time relationships.

The purpose of this book is to present the songs for those interested in learning to sing them. In order to teach the melody of the songs, the recording of the songs are first presented with the beat of the clave or the beat of the bembe cowbell (CD one). The second recordings present the songs with bata drums (CDs two and three). In this way, the student will be able to understand which rhythm goes with each song.
Musicians and singers:
Luca Brandoli - Akpwon, bata y coro
Yamil Derribal Mengana - Akpwon, bata y coro
Rafael Manolo Cisnero - Akpwon, bata y coro
Maikel Alberto Salazar - Akpwon y coro
Diango Sanchez Cobas - Bata y coro
Rolando Gomez Vinent - Bata y campana
Einar Leliebre Nunez - Akpwon y bata
Yunia Cisnero - Akpwon y coro

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