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Recorded live in Havana, Cuba
on December 20, 2001
Güiro for Elegguá

Music of Santería, Live Ceremonial Afro-Cuban Music

Released by earthcds.

Recorded in Havana, this is a Santería ceremony to honor and evoke Elegguá. Elegguá is known as a multisided trickster and gatekeeper. A 'güiro', which refers to the shaker instrument also refers to the ceremony and style of music. These events occur frequently in Havana using güiros (also refered to as abwes and chekeres), a conga and a bell (usually played on a hoe blade call 'guataca'). This type of ceremony is very similar to what some call a 'bembe'. This CD is over 79 minutes long and covers the most important aspects of this event. Also available as a two CD set of the entire ceremony.


2 CD set $21

Click titles with notes
to hear samples
1 oru cantado 8:40
2 songs for elegguá 3:59
3 ogún 2:03
4 ochosi 1:04
5 babalú ayé 2:29
6 changó 1:40
7 obatalá 1:43
8 obba 0:28
9 oyá 1:05
10 yemayá 2:33
11 orunmila 0:24
12 orunmila ta ladé 1:13
13 ELEGGUÁ 27:06
14 ELEGGUÁ 2 20:56
15 cierre 3:03

For more information read our Liner Notes by Thomas Altmann (opens in a new window).

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