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Recorded January 2002
in Havana, Cuba

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Momoko Okada

For more information read our Liner Notes by Thomas Altmann (opens in a new window).

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Music of Santería. A Live Afro-Cuban Ceremony

3 CD set $27

For more information read our Liner Notes by Thomas Altmann (opens in a new window).

This is a live recording in Cuba of a Tambor for Obatalá, an Afro-Cuban ceremony in which the sacred batá drums are used. This ceremony is for Obatalá, the creator of humans and King of the Orishas. He is also associated with purity, justice, and intelligence. The oru seco is the first part of the ceremony that honors the orishas through the speaking of the batá. Once again, the orishas are honored (or saluted) through the songs of the oru cantado. Afterwards, Obatalá and others are evoked through song and dance.  Available as a single CD, almost 80 minutes of the highlights, or as a three CD set of the entire ceremony. 3 hours and 20 minutes.


3 CD set $27

Click titles with notes
to hear samples
oru seco
1 part 1 5:53
2 part 2 7:10
3 part 3 4:06
4 part 4 3:52
oru cantado
5 elegguá 4:34
6 ochosi 4:53
7 osain 2:37
8 changó 1:34
9 abba 0:27
10 orunmila 3:20
for Obatalá
11 part 1 3:33
12 part 2 5:06
13 part 3 17:09
14 part 4 1:41

15 yemayá 6:59
16 changó 4:21
17 cierre 2:33

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