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African Yorba Music of the New Land


   Released by Gosan Records.
African Yoruba Music of the New Land

This CD is dedicated to the conservation of the Yoruba music and religion. With that thought in mind we have recorded the songs with the originality and order that they were handed down to us from generation to generation by our ancestors.

In Yoruba worship, music plays a very important part. All worship is conducted using songs.

The group is composed of a mixture of young men and women that are not only different in ways but in their nationalities. A combination of talented people from Cuba and the United States all united by one belief.

Lead by Scott Elliot Dowling on the drum, Ishana Dowling on gourd and vocal, Francisco and Antonio Bonne on lead vocal, gourd and bell, Sixto Navaton, vocal and Gourd, all brought together by Oluo Henry Santos to record this lasting masterpiece of Afro-Cuban music to be enjoyed forever.

This is a classic, the 2nd CD recorded of Afro-Cuban Music in the USA 1982 by the African Folklore group Olufina Baba Mi, one of the Original Guiro established in Miami in the late 70s. This CD is recorded in the traditional Ben Ben style (Oro). It is played just as if it was being played for an Oro (or beginning of a Ben Be for Oshun). You will hear songs for Elegua, Ogun, Ochosi, Babalu Aye, Obatala, Chango, Yemaya, Oya, Orula and Oshun. All the music is played in a Guiro or Gourd style using several Shakers, a congo drum and a Bell or Guataca. We are sure that you will find this CD authentic and enjoyable and you will play it over and over again.


Click titles with notes to hear samples
1 Eleguá
2 Ogún
3 Ochosi
4 Babalú Ayé
5 Obatala
6 Changó
7 Yemayá
8 Oyá
9 Orula
10 Orula Talade and Ochun


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