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Cajón Espíritual
The Music Box of Cuba

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For more information read our Liner Notes by Lisa Maya Knauer (opens in a new window)

This DVD presents two Afrocuban folkloric groups drumming and singing in their homes in Havana, Cuba. These groups – OmÌ Iná and Obbara – are the next generation of Cuban percussionists: students of Pancho Quinto building upon the Yoruba Andabo tradition.

All of their sweat, cigarette smoke, and facial expressions are captured here on video, edited from three camera angles. The drums and vocals are properly balanced, recorded with high-fidelity, professional audio equipment.

The selection of songs on this DVD demonstrates the richness of Afrocuban musical and religious traditions in contemporary Cuba. OmÌ Ina and Obbara offer a diverse sample of Makuta, Yuka, Arara, and Congo traditions.

Most of the music here is drawn from the varied religious/spiritual traditions practiced in Cuba, and has been infused with the innovation of two groups of extremely talented and creative musicians.

This DVD takes you face-to-face with the musicians, and conveys the emotional power of the African slave experience in Cuba. Subtitles in English are included for the interview portion of the DVD, and selected lyrics are translated in the liner notes.



"Cajón Espíritual takes you to the heart of drumming in la Habana.
Performances are soulful and sincere. The sound is excellent. The
spirit is evident. A great addition to the lore of Cuban drumming."

-------Chuck Silverman

Read a review of the DVD by Katherine Hagedorn of Pomona College.
We are now offering a free 15 minute track of a live rumba performed by Obbara!
(please note that this is not on the DVD and is a bonus)
High-quality download (21 MB)
Lower-quality download (6 MB)
High-quality stream
Lower-quality stream

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