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Released by Boogalu Productions.

DVD: 63 minutes

"Rumbon Tropical" features the Cuban music and dance group "Rumberos De Cuba" in an intimate party-performance. The setting is a lush outdoor patio garden near the river Almendares in Havana, Cuba.

"Rumberos De Cuba" is a newly formed group of some of the best and most engaging musicians and dancers from the barrios of Havana. They are masters of all genres of Cuban folkloric music and dance. Many are past members of the Conjunto Folklorico Nacional De Cuba.

The group was created not only to preserve the profound and always relevant Cuban rumba and folkloric traditions but also to invent forms which add live elements from contemporary music and dance.

They perform here with numerous invited guest artists.

Featured at the "Rumbon Tropical" party are nine sections:

1 - the dance of Ellegua, Orisha of the crossroads
2 - Rumba Yambú
3 - Rumba Guaguancó
4 - Rumba Columbia
5 - Abakuá music and dance
6 - Interview with Maximino
7 - Rumba Guaguancó with cajón drums
8 - Rap Bata-Songo (Orisha music with Rap Hip-Hop vocals and dance)
9 - "La Negra Pancha" (Rumba Drama)

"Rumbon Tropical" captures the "Rumberos De Cuba" in a relaxed setting, interacting playfully with each other with much gusto.

The video is filled with energy and spontaneous dramatic scenes that reflect the diverse and charismatic personalities of the artists who range from 20 to 60 years old.

Members of Rumberos de Cuba:

Mario "Aspirina" Jáuregui
Maximino Duquesne
Yosvani Díaz Herrera

Miguel Ángel "Aspirina" Mesa
Ernesto "El Gato" Gatel
Luis Chacón Mendivel
Sofia Ramos Morejon
Pedro Alimeida Berrier

Aida Salima Sánchez
Dionisio Paul Palma
Luis Chacón Mendivel

special guest artists
Teresa Poyedo
Ismalay Chacón
Ricardo "Santa Cruz" Gómez
Maria Luisa Guerra
René Ramos


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