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format: DVD
time: 67 minutes

Released by Boogalu Productions.

"Tremendo Vacilon" is an eclectic panorama of music and dance in Cuba today, celebrating the diversity, artistry, and passion of people enjoying and performing their music and dance traditions. Shot in Havana and Santiago, the film consists of 18 intimate performance events, some formal and others spontaneous, that display the range of Cuban genres including:

Son - Changüí - Orisha music and dance - Rumba - Caberet - Jazz Cubano - Casino - Carnaval Comparsa - Rap Cubano - and many more.

The spirit of Tremendo Vacilon is about having a great time in hard times, dancing with your feet to one rhythm and your hips to another, playing music two against three, creating meaning and beauty out of seemingly opposing forces, celebrating the never ending struggle for balance and joy.

Featured performance events and artists:

son group "Septeto Matamoros"
and dancing pair "Sensacion Habano"

rap group
"Mitad Y Mitad"

Organo Guantánamo - MP3
impromptu changüí music party
"Changüí Mi Havana"

circus comparsa performing group

in the tradition of the great soneros
José Lusson Bueno

party "vacilon" with rumba group
"Iroso Obba"

cabaret show with dance company
"Pinos Nuevos"

special event dance party
featuring changui, casino, despelote, and rueda de casino dancing

choreographed Cuban drumming
folklore company "Kokoye"

saxophone jazz group
"Cuarteto Mágico"

grand troubadour
Juan Carlos Sarmiento

changüí music at the Casa de La Trova
"Changüí Santiago"

organ street music during carnaval Santiago
"Organo Guantánamo"

women's folklore group
"Obini Irawo"

Carnaval in the town of San Luis
Santiago Province



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