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Bata Rhythms
and Techniques
Matanzas, Cuba

Released by Kabiosile.

Bata Rhythms and Techniques from Matanzas, Cuba
Released by Kabiosile.
2 DVD Set (instructional) - 308 minutes, All regions.

This comprehensive 2 disc DVD package offers more than 5 hours of drumming demonstrations, tutorials, and interviews in Spanish with English subtitles.

The film features Master of Afro Cuban Percussion Daniel Alfonso Herrera, the most sought after percussion instructor in Matanzas, Cuba. His clean, disciplined technique and clear, detailed explanations of the intricacies of Matanzas style bata drumming are invaluable for both the novice and experienced drummer.

samples videos
in wmv format
Okonloko Technique - 4.6MB
Chango: La Meta (1) - 3.9MB
Chango: La Meta (2) - 4.5MB
Chango: Aluya, Piti Aro,
and La Meta - 3.5MB
Olokun and Yemaya: with
La Meta de Chango - 3.5MB
Interview with Chacha - 3.5MB
All of the clips in one - 11.5MB



DVD set with transcriptions:
SAVE  $15


Disc 1 is 2 hours long and includes:
  • The complete Oro Seco as played at the Cabildo de Santa Teresa.
  • Short introductions providing insights into the Orishas (Yoruba deities) and overall techniques for each rhythm.
  • An interview with Daniel and the other drummers about the language of the bata drums.
  • A drumming demonstration in which they play toques which illustrate particularly well how the drums speak.
  • A bonus interview with legendary percussionist Esteban "Chachá" Vega Bacallao, one of Daniel's early teachers.

The Oro Seco was professionally filmed to ensure that each of the drummers’ hands is clearly visible.

Disc 1’s menu offers selections by toque (rhythm), with or without the introduction. You can also choose among the various interviews.

Disc 2 is 3 hours long and features:

  • Tutorials covering the specific techniques of Okonkolo, Itotele and Iya.
  • The complete Oro Seco broken down drum by drum.
  • An explanation of how to close a celebration where the sacred bata drums (Aña) are played.
  • The Close, as played at the Cabildo de Santa Teresa in Matanzas.

Disc 2 was also professionally filmed to focus on Daniel’s hands from the front and from the sides (inu and chacha) to illustrate the proper formation of the hands and the various techniques used in each rhythm.

Disc 2’s menu offers selections by toque (rhythm) and by drum, in addition to the individual tutorials and the Close.

Complete transcriptions are also available,
either with the DVDs or separately. The transcriptions reflect the
Oro Seco as it is played on the DVDs.

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